Fine Wooden Keepsake Boxes


A quick band saw box

I apologize for the photos. This was a quick tutorial and I shot it one step after the other

without checking each pictures quality.

First grab a block of wood and square it up.

Mark the top and bottom so you know what peice goes where when you cut the top and bottom off.

Cut the top and bottom off.

Sand all the cut sides. Then layout the inside part to be cut out. Cut it out.

Glue the body back together.

While the body is drying, sand the inside part that was cut out. Cut the top off of it.

This will be the piece to keep the lid from sliding off.

Note, if you want to be creative, you can keep doing these steps with the cut out piece until

it gets to small to work with. You will then have boxes that will nest together all from the same piece of wood

Set the body on the bottom piece and..

trace out the inside. This will give you the location for the lid stop thingy.


Glue the piece onto the lid.

Glue the bottom onto the body.

I use double back tape to hold the lid onto the body while I sand the whole thing.

And here we have a small simple band saw box