Fine Wooden Keepsake Boxes



This box is made from Horse Chestnut with figured Walnut top panel, keys, and tray. It was made with a four corner grain match allowing the grain to flow around the box smoothly. The inside features a divided tray. There is also a false bottom providing a 1/2" deep secret storage area. The outer dimensions are approx. 9 " x 9 " x 5 3/4 " tall. Bottom area is 2 3/4" deep and the tray offer 5/8" depth. It was finished with a drying oil on the inside and outside. The outside is finished with shellac using a French Polish technique and the whole thing buffed out with Carnauba wax. The clasp & hinges are made by Brusso. Hinges allow the box to be opened 180*. The liner is a velvet type material.

$ 175