Fine Wooden Keepsake Boxes

Welcome to Gecko's Boxes! My name is Rick Dragovich and I am the craftsman of the boxes listed here. Each box I make is an original piece. They are made one at a time for the most part. I do not do production runs. This means that all my care and attention is dedicated to crafting each box to last not only your lifetime, but with care, to last for generations. I craft each box from woods that come from all over the world as well as woods that I have rescued locally and milled myself. I use traditional joinery and do not stain or dye any of the woods so that their natural beauty can be seen. Listed here are the boxes that I have presently up for sale. If you see one you like and wish to purchase it or if you would just like more information on one, please contact me.

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For Elizabeth (Tutorials)

Box 029

Box 031

Box 37

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Box 74